Certifier : 
Organizacion Internacional Agropecuaria (OIA)
Certified status : 
Certified since : 
17 Aug 2011
Certificate expires : 
21 Jun 2022


The Argentine anchovy occurs in the South West Atlantic from southern Brazil to Patagonia, from shallow waters to beyond the continental slope.

This fishery, which operates in the waters of Argentina and Uruguay, was the first anchovy fishery in the world to achieve MSC certification. Its five boats use semi-pelagic mid-water trawling nets. The net is made of 4mm diameter nylon and has a total length of 60-70m, kept afloat by 60 buoys.

"We are committed to fishing in a responsible and sustainable manner, and protecting the natural resources of the ocean is a key component of our business. We are proud to be recognized as the first MSC-certified anchovy fishery in the world and look forward to the benefits of MSC certification for our companies." - Carlos Rodriguez, manager, Centauro (fishery client)