Certifier : 
Lloyds Register (Acoura)
Certified status : 
Certified since : 
24 Nov 2010
Certificate expires : 
19 Mar 2022


The Barents Sea cod and haddock fisheries were first certified as sustainable in 2010. Saithe (or coley) was certified in 2016.

The certified fisheries comprise a fleet of 16 Russian vessels, operating in Norwegian, Russian and international waters. They use a demersal trawl, or bottom otter trawl – a cone-shaped net, with lateral wings extending forward from the opening, that touches the seabed.

The Barents Sea is one of the most important fishing grounds for cod and haddock, and both species play an important role in the ecosystem as a top-tier predators. Reliable stock assessments suggest that populations are in very good shape, and there are robust and well-established management plans in place. Cooperation between Russian and Norwegian fisheries authorities and scientists is strong.

Around 92% of all fish landed are target species. The remaining 8%, which include species such as redfish and wolffish, are also landed (discards are illegal); accidental bycatch is not contributing to an overall decline of these species. However, as a condition of certification, the fishery is making efforts to reduce bycatch.

Harvesting controls are being continually monitored and evaluated to minimise impacts on fish stocks and habitats.