Certifier : 
SAI Global
Certified status : 
Certified since : 
22 May 2017
Certificate expires : 
21 Nov 2022


This fishery straddles Canadian and international waters on the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, in NAFO Division 3LN. It targets two similar species, the Acadian redfish (Sebastes fasciatus) and deep-sea (‘beaked’) redfish (Sebastes mentella); known commercially as ocean perch. 

Acadian redfish are found in deep basins and along the edge of the continental shelf, while beaked redfish inhabit deeper water off the continental shelf and in the Laurentian Channel. Redfish are slow-growing and long-lived, taking 8-10 years to reach a commercial size of 25cm. They are ovoviviparous, and the young are born live.

Redfish are bottom-dwelling and semi-pelagic, rising off the bottom at night to feed on pelagic crustaceans and other fish. They are primarily harvested with bottom otter trawls with small mesh cod-ends, although some mid-water trawls are also used. Fishing takes place year-round.

The fishery is managed by NAFO, which sets an overall TAC (Canada’s quota in 2013 was 2,769 tonnes) and individual quotas. Other conservation measures include gear specifications, restrictions on areas and times of fishing, coral protection zones and by-catch reduction.