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The Canadian haddock fishery operates in three set areas around the Southern Scotian Shelf, the Bay of Fundy, the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank.

Conservative management over a number of years has rebuilt stocks of haddock and other groundfish, with haddock stocks doing particularly well.

The Canadian haddock fishery is conducted primarily by vessels using otter trawls and bottom longlines, with a few handlines and gillnets. Hook size, mesh sizes and net construction are regulated to reduce capture of small fish and other species.

Haddock fishers have made significant efforts to reduce impacts on other species, including cod, white hake and skate. Cod, which is slowly recovering following overfishing, is a particular concern. For longline vessels, which catch both haddock and cod, the total allowable catch for cod has been significantly reduced. Otter trawls use a separator panel, which allows cod to escape from the trawl net while haddock remain inside.