Certifier : 
Lloyds Register (Acoura)
Certified status : 
Certified since : 
17 Jul 2012
Certificate expires : 
27 Nov 2022


The Arctic surfclam is a large, long-lived bivalve shellfish found in sandy sediments. It is a strong, active burrower, capable of burrowing around 20 cm into the sediment.

This fishery, operated by Canadian company Clearwater Seafoods, was the first deepwater clam fishery to achieve MSC certification. It operates on the Banquereau Bank off the coast of Nova Scotia and the Grand Bank off Newfoundland and Labrador in the Northwest Atlantic.

Hydraulic dredges, towed by large vessels, are used to harvest Arctic surf clams from the substrate in which they are buried. The dredge uses pressurised sea water to lift the shellfish into a retaining device, allowing smaller clams to pass through.