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03 May 2012
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02 Nov 2022


European flat oysters are most commonly found in shallow water down to around 20m, although they also occur in the inter-tidal zone and down to depths of 80m. They are sessile animals, cementing to hard objects on the seabed.

There are 101 oyster dredgers operating in the Limfjord, a shallow inland sea in the north of Denmark. Vessels are restricted to a maximum overall length of 12m (although there are 4 vessels larger than this size that have “grandfather” rights to fish because they were operating in the fishery prior to the introduction of this regulation).  Around 50 of the vessels are 12m long, and the rest are smaller. 

Fishing licence requirements restrict the size and weight of the dredges used in the oyster fishery.  They must be no more than 1m wide and 20cm high, with their weight limited to 35kg. Vessels can use no more than two dredges at a time, and are prohibited from carrying mussel dredges aboard when they are fishing for oysters.

European flat oyster (Ostrea edulis) image © Scandinavian Fishing Year Book