Certifier : 
Bureau Veritas Certification
Certified status : 
Certified since : 
09 Nov 2018
Certificate expires : 
08 May 2024


The Echebastar Indian Ocean skipjack fishery is being assessed using a revised MSC assessment process.

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This assessment includes two Units of Certification for skipjack (Katsuwonus pelamis) caught by the six vessels in Echebastar’s fleet using free school and drifting Fish Aggregating Devices sets in the Indian Ocean.

The fishery will be assessed using an updated assessment process, developed following public consultation throughout 2016. The aim of this process is to reduce the complexity, uncertainty, cost and barriers to accessibility of the MSC program, while maintaining and improving the effectiveness of stakeholder engagement and ensuring that the high bar, and rigorous assessment, required for MSC certification are maintained.

The new assessment process is being piloted in 2017 involving seven fisheries of varying sizes and scale, a mix of previous assessment experience and varied methods of entry into assessment. In the case of the Echebastar fishery, the previous assessment for skipjack and yellowfin in the Indian Ocean and its continued work towards overcoming some of the challenges identified during the original objection to the fishery becoming MSC certified, made it a good candidate to test the streamlined process. This assessment will be closely monitored to ensure that the MSC Fisheries Standard is correctly applied, and to inform the potential roll-out of the updated simplification process in 2018.