Certifier : 
Lloyds Register (Acoura)
Certified status : 
Certified since : 
25 Jun 2018
Certificate expires : 
24 Dec 2023


The Finnish Fishermen's Association entered the Baltic herring and sprat fishery for MSC assessment in early 2017. It is the first fishery in Finland to be assessed.   

The fishery uses trawls and traps, with sprat fishing taking place mainly in the Baltic Sea proper and herring in the Bothnian Sea and Bothnian Bay. 

In 2015 the fishery caught around 132,000 tonnes of herring and around 12,000 tonnes of sprat. Both species are important to the fish meal and oil industry, as well as for local consumption and in dietary supplements. 

The Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, responsible for fisheries, has developed a Roadmap to Bioeconomy 2020. The roadmap recognizes the potential of responsible seafood production as an engine of sustainable growth. They also recognise the importance of independent certification. The project is in accordance with the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) Finnish action plan.

"Baltic herring and sprat are extremely important species for the Finnish fisheries sector and we are very happy that the first Finnish fishery is entering MSC assessment. We recognise the importance of sustainable fishing and ensuring that this resource is available for future generations. We have also noticed that the fish oil and fishmeal industry in particular is increasingly demanding certified and sustainably sourced raw materials"

- Kim Jordas, the CEO of Finnish Fishermen’s Association

Image: Finnish Fishermen's Association trawler, Huovari © Markku Saiha