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Control Union Pesca Ltd
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Certified since : 
29 Oct 2013
Certificate expires : 
02 Dec 2023


Blue mussels are bivalve shellfish that thrive in a range of habitats. As adults, mussels are anchored to a secure substrate, which include rocks, stones, gravel, shingle and dead shells. Before this, they have a free-swimming larval stage.

Commercial mussel fisheries harvest seed mussels or “spats” in the wild. These tiny creatures are then grown on in cultivation plots.

The Lower Saxony mussel fishery collects wild spats in the Wadden Sea, using either a traditional mussel dredge or a trawl net. Mussel seeds can also be collected from spat collectors – ropes or nets that are suspended in the water column, onto which spats attach themselves.

The mussel seeds are placed on mussel plots on the seabed for on-growing. Once they reach a favourable size for consumers, they are fished again using the same dredging or trawling gear.

German mussel fishnet image © Dominik Butzmann