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SAI Global
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Certified since : 
25 Sep 2012
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09 Oct 2022


The snow crab is a sub-Arctic species distributed along the east coast of North America from northern Labrador to near the Gulf of Maine. 

Snow crabs are the most important species of crab harvested in Atlantic Canada and are exploited by commercial and First Nations fishers coast-wide. Commercial concentrations are found at depths of 60-280m and temperatures of -1 to 6°C.

Snow crabs are caught in conical or rectangular traps on muddy or sandy/muddy bottoms, baited usually with herring, mackerel or squid. 

Crab fishing vessels vary in size, with smaller vessels working inshore and larger ones in deeper offshore waters. The fishery includes almost 450 individual licences. First Nations communities are issued with communal licences; their commercial catches can also be sold under the MSC ecolabel.