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Control Union Pesca Ltd
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Certified since : 
16 Sep 2005
Certificate expires : 
14 Jul 2021


Hastings, on the south coast of England, is a traditional fishing community. The 30 or so boats in its fleet are all less than 10m long. They target Dover sole and plaice, along with other fish, in the eastern English Channel between Beachy Head and Dungeness up to six miles offshore.

The fleet use trawl and gill nets to catch sole and plaice. To ensure few juvenile fish are caught, they use a mesh size larger than the legal minimum. For trawl nets they use a mesh of 85/87mm (the minimum is 80mm) and for gill nets they use 100mm mesh (minimum is 90mm). 

The trawl net used by the Hastings vessels is light and designed for use on soft ground. Impact with the sea bed is light and few benthic species are caught – these are mainly starfish which are returned to the sea alive. The top of the net is low down to reduce the potential for taking unwanted bycatch species such as cod and whiting.