Certifier : 
Global Trust Certification Ltd.
Certified status : 
Certified since : 
30 Jul 2013
Certificate expires : 
26 Jan 2024


The Ireland bottom grown mussel fishery became MSC certified in 2013, alongside its Northern Ireland counterpart. Together, the operations represent the island’s entire landings for bottom grown blue or common mussel (Mytilus edulis). Combined collection and cultivation produces over 40,000 metric tonnes of mussel each year.

The mussel fishery includes both mussel seed (or 'spat') collection and the eventual re-laying and on-growing that takes place in loughs (Irish lochs) and bays. Seed collection takes place off the east coast of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland using dredges. Gear is designed to skim the upper layer of mud around aggregations of juvenile mussels with minimal impact to the underlying seabed.

Bottom grown mussels are a key contributor to the island’s fisheries sector. As well as having high export volume and value, mussel harvesting provides employment for nearly 700 people across Ireland.

Blue or common mussel (Mytilus edulis) illustration © Scandinavian Fishing Year Book