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07 Apr 2016
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06 Dec 2021


The Irikla Reservoir – the largest artificial reservoir in the southern Urals – is located on the Ural River in the Caspian Sea Basin, Orenburg Province, Russia. Filling was completed in 1966.

The species targeted here is the European perch (Perca fluviatilis), which is carnivorous and can grow to a weight of more than 2.5kg, although it is much more common to find specimens at 500g or less. 

While they are a popular sport fish, the perch in the Irikla Reservoir fishery are mostly caught with gill nets. Mesh size varies from 30-36mm (small) to 50-70mm (large). The fishery is managed through various government agencies. The perch population in the reservoir is monitored by research institutes which recommend an annual catch limit: this is then imposed and controlled by the Federal Agency for Fisheries.