Certifier : 
Global Trust Certification Ltd.
Certified status : 
Certified since : 
19 Oct 2017
Certificate expires : 
18 Apr 2023


In 1980-1990 around 75-90% of Greenland halibut catches were caught by Icelanders. Catches were the highest around 50,000-60,000 tonnes in 1987-1989, the majority of which was caught in Icelandic waters ( around 95%). Since 1990 Icelandic catches have gone down and are now around 50-60%. The main fishing areas in the Icelandic Exclusive Economic Zone are in deep waters west of Iceland but halibut is also caught north and east of Iceland. Greenland halibut is also caught in deep waters east of Greenland and east and south of the Faroe Islands. 

The vessels under assessment are part of the Iceland Sustainable Fisheries (ISF) group. The purpose of ISF is to obtain certifications for Icelandic fisheries. The group was founded in 2012 and a number of ISF operations have already been MSC certified.