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Atlantic haddock is found throughout the temperate and sub-Arctic waters of the North Atlantic. Although it is a single species throughout this distribution, it comprises a multitude of populations that show a varying degree of intermixing. The haddock around Iceland are more or less isolated from neighbouring stocks by the deep water of the Denmark Strait to the west, the Faroe–Iceland channel to the south-east and the Norwegian Sea in the east. 

Haddock are found throughout Icelandic waters, but mostly along the south and west coasts at depths less than 200m. 

The Iceland Sustainable Fisheries (ISF) group includes a range of vessels that catch haddock. Around half is caught by trawlers (demersal and pelagic). These range from relatively small vessels operating closer to shore to large factory freezer trawlers that fillet the fish at sea, and freeze the fillets, heads and carcasses. Other fishing methods include longline, Danish seine, gillnet and handline. 

Haddock (Melangrammus aeglefinus) image © Scandinavian Fishing Year Book