Certifier : 
Bureau Veritas Certification
Certified status : 
Certified since : 
22 May 2017
Certificate expires : 
21 Nov 2022


The applicant fishery operates in the Baltic Sea and encompasses 22 LFPO pelagic (midwater) trawlers operated by 11 Latvian fishing companies - members of the National Fishermen’s Producers Organization (LFPO) for Latvia. The vessels landed 16 437 tons of sprat in 2016, representing approximately 8 % of the EU quota for the sprat in the Baltic Sea. The catch is landed in Latvia and processed into sprat in brine and oil for human consumption. Most of the products are exported to other European countries while 10-15% goes to the domestic market. There is little bycatch.


Image of vessels at dock courtesy of LFPO