Certifier : 
Global Trust Certification Ltd.
Certified status : 
Certified since : 
29 Nov 2012
Certificate expires : 
28 May 2023


NOTE: the certificate for the yellowfin tuna component of this fishery is currently suspended

These two fisheries were certified as sustainable in November 2012. They’re confined within the 200 mile Maldives Exclusive Economic Zone, and only licensed Maldivian vessels may participate. After tourism, tuna is the country’s major source of income and its primary export.

Skipjack are a highly productive tuna exhibiting great variability in life history characteristics.

Yellowfin are fast-moving and wide-ranging pelagic predators and spend the majority of time in the top 100m but making occasional deep dives to much greater depths.

Both species are harvested by the centuries-old pole and line technique: tuna are attracted to the vessels by live bait thrown into the water (usually small schooling reef fish), and then caught on barbless hooks on fibreglass poles. The tuna are then swung on board where they fall onto the deck, and are immediately put into holds with ice. Larger vessels have up to 18 fishers and smaller ones 10.