Certifier : 
Control Union Pesca Ltd
Certified status : 
Certified since : 
27 Jan 2016
Certificate expires : 
26 Jan 2021


This fishery operates in the Oosterschelde (Eastern Scheldt) in Zeeland, Netherlands. The mussels it produces are actually harvested from other MSC certified fisheries around North West Europe. 

The Vereniging van Importeurs van Schelpdieren (Shellfish Importers Organisation) move the mussels to the Oosterschelde for stocking and depuration (purification) before they are sold to Dutch and Belgian markets.   

The importing client was already certified for MSC Chain of Custody (supply chain traceability), but the operation required assessment as a fishery. The assessment was needed to cover any gaps in the chain and measure potential impacts on the Oosterschelde ecosystem, as well as management of these impacts. The fishery was certified as meeting the MSC Fisheries Standard in 2016.    

The Oosterschelde mussels are sourced from the following fisheries: 

North Menai Strait mussel

Ireland bottom-grown mussel

Northern Ireland bottom-grown mussel

Isefjord and East Jutland blue-shell mussel (Denmark)

Seafood Romo East Jutland and Isefjord blue-shell mussel dredge (Denmark)  

Germany lower Saxony mussel dredge and culture  

Netherlands blue-shelled mussel culture (Waddensee UoC)

Blue shell mussel (Mytlius edulis) image © Scandinavian Fishing Year Book