Certifier : 
Lloyds Register (Acoura)
Certified status : 
Certified since : 
26 Jan 2016
Certificate expires : 
24 Jul 2026


This fishery, located in the Barents and Norwegian Seas, and within Norwegian, Russian and international waters, targets cod and haddock using demersal trawls. 

Atlantic cod and Atlantic haddock both have populations in the Barents and Norwegian seas that are discreet enough to be considered and managed as a separate North East Arctic stock. Cod in these seas become mature at between five and 10 years old, which is two to three years later than populations further south in the North Sea. 

The haddock is effectively a bycatch of the larger cod fishery, although in abundant years there are some directed trawls and longlines targeting haddock specifically. Of a total allowable catch of 499,850 tonnes in 2013, cod made up 424,735 tonnes to 75,115 tonnes of haddock.

“Through the process of becoming MSC certified, we’ve learnt a lot about the environmental problems that exist in our traditional fishing areas in the Barents and Norwegian Seas. For us, MSC certification is not only a means to access new markets, but an opportunity to work in collaboration with stakeholders to improve the marine environment especially in the northern seas.”

- Sergey Nesvetov, Executive director of the ATF

Atlantic cod (Gadus morhuaimage © Scandinavian Fishing Year Book