Certifier : 
Lloyds Register (Acoura)
Certified status : 
Certified since : 
01 Aug 2014
Certificate expires : 
30 May 2025


Atlantic herring is one of the most abundant fish species in the world has been fished in the Irish Sea since the Middle Ages. The NIPSG targets this species using only 3 boats – pelagic trawlers - with fishing taking place mainly during the hours of darkness. These boats, Voyager, Stephanie M and Havilah, are all over 49 metres long and equipped with state of the art technology allowing the fishery to be very precise with species it catches. This means the fishery has little or no bycatch, thanks to the use of sonar, net and catch monitors, and has no contact with the seabed.

"We are delighted to have gained this certification, which helps secure existing markets for Irish Sea herring and has the potential to create new opportunities. Indeed this good news should provide a boost to all our fishermen in the Irish Sea, who have made tremendous sacrifices in terms of achieving sustainable fisheries. We are indebted to all those involved with this process, including the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in Northern Ireland who provided funding through the European Fisheries Fund." 
- Alan McCulla OBE, Chief Executive Officer, Anglo-North Irish Fish Producers Organisation (ANIFPO)

Atlantic Herring (Clupea harengus) image © Scandinavian Fishing Year Book