Certifier : 
Lloyds Register (Acoura)
Certified status : 
Certified since : 
28 Oct 2010
Certificate expires : 
26 Apr 2026


After the collapse of the stock of Grand Bank yellowtail flounder in 1994 and a temporary ban on fishing, the OCI Grand Bank fishery decided to focus on sustainability. Their effort was recognised by achieving certification to the MSC Standard in 2010.

Catch limits are only one of the fishery's strategies to ensure the future of fish stocks. There's no fishing while the fish are spawning so stocks can rebuild. Bycatch (the unintentional catching of marine animals that are not a fishery’s target species) is limited by rules that demand fishing stops when too much of unwanted species is taken from an area. Last but not least, a comprehensive monitoring and surveillance system and considerable data about the stock help limit the fishery's environmental impact.

The sustainability efforts of the fishers and managers have allowed them to depend on the fact that there will be income from yellowtail fishing every year.

"I think in five years' time one of the impacts of having the certification will be being able to say we are now in a situation where we are having continued year over year production of the Grand Bank yellowtail, whereas in the previous twenty years there were years where there were ups and downs and years where there was no fishing." 

- Greg Viscount of Ocean Choice International (2011)

Yellowtail flounder image © Ocean Choice International