Certifier : 
Organizacion Internacional Agropecuaria (OIA)
Certified status : 
Certified since : 
07 Dec 2006
Certificate expires : 
28 Feb 2023


The Patagonian scallop fishery operates off the coast of Argentina. It was first MSC certified in 2006 and again in 2012. It entered its second re-assessment in 2016. 

The scallops live at depths of 40-200 metres and inhabit soft bottom, mainly muddy-sandy substrates. The fishing method used consists of two trawl nets that operate on each side of the vessel. The gear has a total length of 13 metres. The mouth of the net is held open by two large "doors" which are attached to either side of the net. The average towing time is about 15 minutes and the catch is processed mechanically on board. Any bycatch and non-commercial size scallops are separated and returned to the sea during the first 5 minutes after a haul is finished.  

"The assessment of our fishery, as part of the MSC certification process, brought experience from other countries – not just Argentina. That international input has obliged us to go deeper in our research, as well as opening up some good discussions. We welcome that." 

- Eduardo Gonzalez Lemmi, President, Glaciera Pesquera SA, Argentina (fishery client)