Certifier : 
Control Union Pesca Ltd
Certified status : 
Certified since : 
01 Feb 2014
Certificate expires : 
29 Jan 2024


This fishery, located in the Skagerrak and Kattegat areas between the North and Baltic seas, was certified in 2014.

Two types of farming systems are used by the companies in the Producer Organisation, the Scanfjord System and the Smart Farm. Both systems are based on the same principle: mussel larvae settle on bands suspended in the water and are grown on these bands until harvested.

The Scanfjord system (also known as the long-line system) is the most commonly used farming system in Sweden. Approximately 34 units are in place today. It uses long lines submerged in the water, from which bands or ropes are attached hanging down in the water column. The unit is anchored to the sea bottom and held up in the water column by barrels working as buoys. The long lines are up to 200m in length, with bands hanging at 5m intervals. The bands hang down 5 to 6m and are 15mm wide. 

The Smart Farm is more automated – a machine is used for harvesting the mussels underwater. The system was developed to minimize labour and cope with harsh weather conditions. Smart Farm requires a larger initial investment, but has lower maintenance and harvesting costs. 

The Smart Farm ‘fishing net’ uses polyethylene pipes, which are less visible than barrels would be to local residents. Smart farm mussels grow on a net, building a ‘wall’ of mussels. They attach better to the net than a band, and not so many fall to the bottom.

Blue Mussel (Mytilus edulis) image © Scandinavian Fishing Year Book