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q.inspecta GmbH
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Certified since : 
27 Aug 2015
Certificate expires : 
26 Aug 2020


There are four vessels in this Pacific Ocean fishery off the east coast of Australia, using pelagic mid-set longlines. It was certified as sustainable in 2015.

Albacore tuna is a highly migratory pelagic fish species found throughout the world’s tropical and sub-tropical oceans. Albacore  comprise a discrete stock in the South Pacific Ocean. They are opportunistic carnivores which feed on a wide variety of small fish, planktonic crustaceans and squid.

Yellowfin are fast-moving and wide-ranging pelagic predators and spend the majority of time in the top 100m, but make occasional dives to much greater depths. They are opportunistic feeders that consume a variety of prey species. 

Swordfish are a highly migratory species and their distribution is influenced by environmental conditions, in particular water temperature. They can be found in the tropical and temperate waters of all the oceans between 45°N and 44°S.

All three species are caught with frozen squid on longlines, with hooks every 30m. At any one time there can be 2000 hooks in the water, although each boat may only catch 30 tuna on a good day.

Walker Seafoods attained the MSC standard following a four-year effort and an investment of AU$350,000. Researchers satisfied themselves that the relevant fish stocks are sustainable (quotas are carefully set), that Walkers have suitable bycatch procedures (no great white sharks, longfin mako or blue or black marlin are allowed to be kept, for example), and the fishery is effectively managed.