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Lloyds Register (Acoura)
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Certified since : 
21 Apr 2015
Certificate expires : 
20 Oct 2020


The Atlantic herring is found throughout the continental shelf waters of the North Atlantic. Within this total distribution are numerous more-or-less isolated or independent stocks. The Western Baltic spring spawning stock is found in the Skagerrak and Kattegat around Denmark and beneath Norway. 

The management of this stock is shared by the European Union and Norway. In April 2014, Norway and the EU for the first time agreed on how to utilise the shared stock sustainably for the years to come. This agreement makes sure that the maximum catches don’t exceed the scientific recommendations. 

The fishery consists of 38 small trawlers with pelagic trawls. The net is pulled through the open water by two boats – a technique also called “Tucken”. Fishing is only done at night because the herring follows its prey towards the water surface in the dark – during the day they live close to the sea floor. Since herring is a schooling fish which rarely mixes with other species, bycatch is less than 1%.

Western Baltic herring fisherman image © Lena Ganssmann