Certifier : 
MRAG Americas, Inc.
Certified status : 
Certified since : 
17 Dec 2020
Certificate expires : 
16 Dec 2025

At a glance

Kamchatka flounder (Atheresthes evermanni), Arrow-tooth flounder (Atheresthes stomias), Rex sole (Glyptocephalus zachirus), Flathead sole (Hippoglossoides elassodon), Southern rock sole (Lepidopsetta bilineata), Northern rock sole (Lepidopsetta polyxystra), Yellowfin sole (Limanda aspera), Alaska plaice (Pleuronectes quadrituberculatus)
Gear type

Trawls - Bottom trawls


61 (Pacific, Northwest), 67 (Pacific, Northeast)


252644 (2018)

Please note that this assessment covers the re-assessment of fisheries previously assessed separately and combines the following

Alaska flatfish - Gulf of Alaska  

Alaska flatfish - Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands