Certifier : 
Global Trust Certification Ltd.
Certified status : 
Combined with another assessment
Certified since : 
20 Oct 2011


Fisheries are composed of one or more parts, each of which is entitled to receive an MSC certificate. These parts or “units” are defined by their target stock(s), fishing gear type(s) and if relevant vessel type(s), and the fishing fleets or groups of vessels.


Some or all units that participated in this fishery are now covered by another assessment. Please see the Canada northern and striped shrimp fishery for more information.

Units of Certification & Certificate Information

  • No longer in the program
    MSC UoC Number Species Gear Type Ocean Area Status (Units of Certification) Certificate Code
    UoC-0556 Northern prawn (Pandalus borealis) Trawls - Bottom trawls - otter trawls 21 (Atlantic, Northwest) Withdrawn F-GT-003

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